Maturity approximately 70/80 days. The Liseta potatoes that I bought and grew last year have a very distinctive taper and turn up at one end. Main crop potato, 90-100 days from planting. $6.50 Liseta HIGH YIELDING EARLY WASHING AND PRE-PACKING POTATO WITH EXCELLENT TASTE. 10 potatoes is very close to a 1kg bag so although you may have always looked at the 1kg bag you may have only come home with 7 big spuds to plant - Not now All Fiesta's seed potatoes are certified seed potatoes. After purchasing your certified seed potatoes, spread out in a dry area to-allow sprouts to develop. Arran Banner, Liseta, Maris Anchor and Jersey Benne are slower (70-90 days). Suppliers of quality seed potatoes. 6KG EMAIL:, SHOP: 78 Leonard Road,Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060, OPEN: Cream flesh. 5th November 2020 Other early waxy potatoes include Tiffany, Liseta, Draga, Frisia, Red King Edward (often only found in Southland and South Otago) and some fingerling varieties such as … They don’t keep very well so use them quickly. Potatoes planted in the ground will always be more productive, but when short on room, grow them in a bucket – a great use for cracked, broken buckets. The most common varieties would be Nadine and Draga. Floury potatoes are low in water and high in starch and tend to be of a more delicate and fluffy texture, breaking up easily. Mound your potatoes as shoots grow, until they are approximately 300mm tall to protect them and encourage tuber development. Potatoes hate frost so plant after all risk of frost has passed, or protect the emerging growth by mulching. Potatoes have a long history as a food crop, having been grown in Peru for at least 8000 years. Javascript must be enabled for this website to work properly. Potatoes NZ Newsletter #102 – November 2020 2nd December 2020 2020: The year that proved our industry’s resilience and agility 26th November 2020 PRESS RELEASE 4th November 2020: MBIE to investigate fries threat. A feature that I have not seen in any other potato and does not feature in your photo. Trading is primarily in proprietary lines sourced from the leading potato breeders throughout the world. Shape. Matures 100-120 days after planting. White skin searching the world for suitable potato varieties to meet their needs, producing high quality seed with 13 seed growers. Varieties include Allura, Heather, Osprey, Purple Heart, Nadine and Karaka. Approx 1-2cm in length. As there are so many types, a garden centre may only buy in the most popular varieties for their customers but as they are re-ordering regularly, then they can obtain your special ones when they re-order. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Eurogrow Potatoes is the Leading Supplier of seed potatoes in New zealand. Mature around 120-130 days. Approx 70-80 days. For more information go to the parks and facilities section of the website. Look for the bags of seed potatoes that say ‘Grown in South Island’ if you cannot find the variety you want at your garden centre then ask them to obtain it for you. Early harvest all-purpose waxy potato suitable for boiling, salads, roasting. Seed Potatoes Download Guide Agria All-purpose floury potato, suitable for mashing, roasting, chips Learn more Arran Banner Early harvest waxy potato suitable for boiling and salads. Market opportunities will arise as the new varieties are developed and released. The current program of importation of new genetics presents exciting times for Eurogrow. We're always keen to hear Aotearoa's favourite ways to eat ngā Rīwai. For more detailed information on potatoes go to Early varieties such as Swift, Rocket, Jersey Benne and Liseta are waxy in texture and are perfect for boiling. You don't need a large garden to grow potatoes. It’s possible to get 20g from planting a 1kg bag of seed potatoes Follow our full guide below to a bumper crop of homegrown spuds. Skin. Then another early is Liseta; very early 60 to 90 days, Long oval shape, white flesh, creamy yellow flesh, firm cooker, ideal for boiling, salads, casseroles, soaps … These potatoes have a high water content and are low in starch. Add 15cm of soil to your preferred space saver and put one layer of seed potatoes (for tyres around 6-7 potatoes is the right number), then cover with another 15cm of soil. 0 item $0.00    CHECKOUT >. A feature that I have not seen in any other potato and does not feature in your photo. Maori Potatoes. salads, casseroles, and roasting. Feed your potatoes every four weeks to replenish nutrients. Eurogrow has been operating in New Zealand since 1984, moving to the current ownership structure in 2005. Potatoes are just so versatile! In recent years Eurogrow has put in place systems and processes that will enable the company to pursue strategic opportunities. Approx 1-2cm in length. For more like this, subscribe to NZ Gardener at To purchase the NZ Gardener special edition, 'Homegrown Potatoes: A practical guide … Seed Potatoes and Garlic This season's potato & garlic seed are now online. There are many potato varieties grown in New Zealand, but there about 10 - 12 varieties which are 'common' and readily available. Maturity at approximately 70-80 days. © 2020 EUROGROW All rights reserved. At NZ Bulbs you can purchase them in quantities as small as 5 seed potatoes – perfect for a small family or those wanting to try growing a couple of different varieties. Maturity at approximately 70-80 days. Cream flesh. Try growing them in a bucket or a container. POTATOES SEED LISETA 3KG BAG [POTSEELIS3KG] - Early harvest all-purpose waxy potato suitable for boiling, salads and roasting. Let us know below and be into win 4KG of fresh potatoes and a box of NZ crisps! Place seed potatoes in Tui Vegetable Mix near the bottom of the container. Maturity. Scientists have identified more than 200 wild species, most of … Each My favourite early varieties are Swift, Liseta, Jersey Benne and Heather, all of which I am growing this year. These seeds are sourced from suppliers who grow quality South Island certified seed potatoes. A floury potato suitable for most purposes. Can be planted quite late in the season to ensure you have a supply of potatoes to store for winter consumption. Potato planting time is from September-December in New Zealand. OUT OF STOCK ONLINE FOR THE SEASON Plant these as soon as the spring frosts have gone and they will be up in 70-80 days. Liseta is a waxy potato that remains firm on cooking so is ideal for boiling. Follow step 4 as above but keep repeating until the space saver is full, the maturity date has lapsed or when the shoots above the ground start to flower or wither and die. Liseta is a waxy potato … A recent shortage of Jersey benne seed potatoes in Dunedin means some home gardeners may struggle to grow their own supplies for the festive … However, any container with drainage will do as spuds will grow in anything – one of … Paul says the type of potato you choose to plant will depend largely on what you want to do with it and when you want to harvest. Tuber round oval, skin light purple and cream, Flesh is … 1KG 3KG In particular, Liseta is notable for being a high yielder. Long Oval. Sat 9-11am. Early Potato Liseta - NZ Bulbs - New Zealand Bulbs Early Potato LisetaDefault ManufacturerEarly crop potato, 70-80 days from planting. Eurogrow has been operating in New Zealand since 1984, moving to the current ownership structure in 2005. $33.00, PHONE: 09 6364918 $0.75 Morton Smith-Dawe Seed Potatoes - Liseta 6pk Purchase Online All online orders are for delivery throughout New Zealand only, prices may vary between the online store and physical store locations. In addition there are a lot of varieties which have limited and/or localised supplies. Bright red skin with white flesh. The reliable 'Rua' is probably NZ's most popular potato. Plant in deep trenches when frosts have passed, gradually filling in … FAX: 09 634 5916 $18.00 Liseta Seed Potato. Mon-Fri 8 - 4.30pm The Liseta seed potato variety is a great-tasting, waxy potato, perfect for boiling, adding to salads and casseroles, or even adding to your Sunday roast dinner. When planting time commences form a row approx 15cm in depth and apply Morton Smith-Dawe potato fertiliser high grade In the middle are ‘all purpose LISETA OUT OF STOCK ONLINE FOR THE SEASON Plant these as soon as the spring frosts have gone and they will be up in 70-80 days. These floury potatoes are better suited for roasting, chipping and mashing. Potatoes are gross feeders – you’ll often find a really strong potato plant self-seeded in … Main varieties like Agria and Rua are usually floury and are perfect for baking and roasting. Seed potatoes are grown from healthy tissue of previous crops to ensure they are true to their variety (also called cultivar). Words: Kath Irvine Potatoes are a great crop for beginners. Cream flesh. Your barrow: White skin and white flesh, waxy type, ideal for boiling and salads. With a clear focus on the needs of customers coupled with the supply of high quality seed, Eurogrow has achieved strong sales growth and the reputation as New Zealand’s leading supplier of seed potatoes. They have a dense texture and retain their shape during cooking. Find Morton Smith-Dawe 3kg Liseta Seed Potato at Bunnings Warehouse.
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