The content of this document must not be used for real world navigation! Haden VK2XQ in assisting with review and additions to the above One of the group flew to an NDB with the same frequency—it was in Cuba. | HOME |  LINK | refining receiving systems on and around these bands. As the name implies, the signal transmitted does not include inherent directional information, in contrast to other navigational aids such as low frequency radio range, VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) and TACAN.NDB … Haden VK2XQ in assisting with review and additions to the above All content may be used Site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 6 or higher. NDB Component . NDBs typically operate in the frequency range from 190 kHz to 535 kHz (although they are allocated frequencies from 190 to 1750 kHz) and transmit a carrier modulated by either 400 or 1020 Hz. for unlimited distribution with credits. Low Frequency NDB DXing and NDB Pictures. NDB : 289 : 50 NM : 6.21049 : Turkey (TR) view: AIX LES MILLES : ALM : NDB : 413 : 20 … (Maritime Matters, Robert Connolly (RadioUser, April 2020: 47-49)), Freq               Ident             Location                                                       Country                                      DXer, 263.0              QY                   Sydney, NS                                                  Canada                                       B, 274.0              SAL                 Sal                                                                   Cape Verde                               B D, 276.0              YHR                Chevery, QC                                                Canada                                       B, 277.0              CHT                Chiltern                                                         England                                      B D E*, 280.0              QX                  Gander (NL)                                                Canada                                       B, 281.0              CA                   Cartwright, NL                                            Canada                                       B, 290.0              ONL                Liège                                                              Belgium                                      E, 293.0              OB                  Brussels                                                        Belgium                                      E*, 300.0              SC                   Linköping                                                     Sweden                                      B, 311.0              LMA               Lima                                                               Germany                                   E*, 314.0              OZ                   Bruxelles / National                                 Belgium                                      E, 315.0              HOL                Vélizy-Villacoublay Airbase                   France                                         E, 316.0              BRR                Barra                                                              Scotland                                     A* B, 316.0              EPM               Epsom                                                           England                                      E*, 316.0              OE                   Dublin                                                            Rep. of Ireland                         A* B* D, 317.0              OZ                   Kärdla (Hiiumaa)                                       Estonia                                        A D E, 317.0              VS                   Valenciennes                                             France                                         D E, 318.0              BPL                 Blackpool                                                     England                                      A* B*, 318.0              HIG                 Bremen                                                        Germany                                   B, 319.0              ECV                Colmenar / Viejo                                       Spain                                           B, 319.0              VAR                Stavanger                                                    Norway                                      A B* C D, 321.0              ABY                Albert Bray                                                  France                                         B D E, 321.0              STM               St. Mary's                                                     Scilly Isles                                  B D, 321.0              VO                  Vojens                                                          Denmark                                    A, 322.0              LCY                 London City                                                 England                                      B E*, 322.0              ORS                Orleans – Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel        France                                         D, 322.0              RL                    La Rochelle                                                  France                                         B D, 323.0              LB                    Vlieland L8G                                                Netherlands off shore          B, 323.0              ONC               Charleroi                                                      Belgium                                      E, 323.0              WPL               Welshpool                                                   Wales                                          D, 324.0              ON                  Norrköping                                                  Sweden                                      B E, 325.0              PG                  Trollhättan                                                   Sweden                                      B E, 326.0              LM                  Le Mans                                                        France                                         B D E*, 327.0              LNZ                 Linz                                                                 Austria                                        A C D, 327.0              MVC              Merville / Calonne                                    France                                         B C D E*, 328.0              CL                    Carlisle                                                          England                                      A* B C E, 328.0              HAV               Haverfordwest                                          Wales                                          D, 328.0              HIG                 San Sebastian                                             Spain                                           D, 328.0              IVR                 Inverness                                                     Scotland                                     A* B, 328.5              EGT                Londonderry                                              N. Ireland                                  A* B C D, 329.0              JW                  Jersey Airport                                             Channel Isles                            E, 330.0              G                     Gerona                                                         Spain                                           B, 331.0              GLW               Glasgow                                                       Scotland                                     A* B*, 331.0              GST                Gloucester                                                  England                                      B E, 331.0              TUR                Tours / St Symphorien                            France                                         E, 331.5              TLF                  Toulouse / Francazal                                France                                         A B, 342.0              LL                    Fagernes                                                      Norway                                      C E, 332.0              OY                   Aldergrove                                                  N. Ireland                                  B*, 332.0              SHM               Shoreham                                                    England                                      E, 332.5              CAM              Cambridge                                                   England                                      E*, 334.0              GMN             Gormanstown                                           Rep. of Ireland                         A* B* D, 334.0              KER                 Farrenfore                                                   Rep. of Ireland                         B, 334.0              POY                Paris Orly Airport                                      France                                         B, 335.0              WCO              Westcott                                                      England                                      A* B E*, 337.0              EX                   Exeter                                                           England                                      D, 337.0              MY                  Myggenaes                                                 Faeroes                                      A B C D E*, 337.0              WTN              Warton                                                         England                                      A* B*, 338.0              FNY                Doncaster                                                    England                                      A* B C, 338.0              GU                  Brest - Guipavas                                        France                                         B D, 338.0              OA                  Jönköping                                                    Sweden                                      A B, 339.0              BIA                 Bournemouth                                            England                                      B D E*, 339.0              OL                   Shannon                                                       Republic of Ireland                 D, 340.0              HAW              Hawarden                                                    Wales                                          A* B D E, 340.0              HEI                  Heidrun Oil Field                                       Norway                                      C, 340.0              LSH                 Lashenden                                                  England                                      E, 340.0              ZIG                 Leipzig                                                           Germany                                   D, 341.0              BZ                   Biarritz                                                           France                                         B, 341.0              EDN                Edinburgh                                                    Scotland                                     A* B* D E, 342.0              LL                    Leirin (Fagernes Airport)                       Norway                                      A B C D E, 342.0              OA                  Algier ( Houari Boumédiene)               Algeria                                        D, 342.0              VA                  Vannes                                                         France                                         D, 342.5              NWI               Norwich                                                        England                                      B* C D E*, 343.0              YVL                 Yeovil                                                             England                                      B, 344.0              TR                   Villefranche / Tarare                                France                                         B, 344.0              WCK               Wick                                                               Scotland                                     A B, 345.0              BNR                Banak                                                            Norway                                      B, 345.0              CS                   Carcassonne                                               France                                         A B, 345.5              CF                   Čáslav                                                            Czech Rep                                  B E, 346.0              LHO                Le Havre                                                       France                                         B D, 347.0              CVT                Châlons Vatry Airport                              France                                         D E, 347.0              NQY               Newquay                                                     England                                      A* B* D, 347.5              TD                   Teesside                                                       England                                      A* B* C, 348.0              CL                    Cahors                                                           France                                         B E, 348.0              FOS                Fairoaks                                                        England                                      E*, 348.0              SAD                Leknes                                                          Norway                                      B D, 348.0              VG                  Vágar                                                             Faroes                                         B, 349.0              TAR                Orland                                                           Norway                                      C E, 349.5              LPL                  Liverpool                                                      England                                      A* B*, 349.5              SZA                 Sari-Solenzara                                            Corsica (France)                      E, 350.0              FU                   Hamburg West                                          Germany                                   B D E, 350.5              ROT                Rotterdam                                                   Netherlands                             E*, 351.0              DSA                Dieppe / Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie              France                                         E, 351.0              OV                  Visby                                                              Sweden                                      B C E*, 351.5              PLA                 Pula                                                                Croatia                                        B D E, 352.0              ENS                Ennis                                                              Rep. of Ireland                         B*, 352.0              LAA                Niederrhein                                                Germany                                   E*, 352.0              NT                   Newcastle                                                   England                                      A* B* C, 352.0              PSJ                  Seinäjoki                                                      Finland                                        C, 352.0              WOD              Woodley                                                      England                                      B C E*, 352.5              DD                  Oostende                                                    Belgium                                      E, 353.0              KIL                  Kiel                                                                 Germany                                   C, 353.0              SB                   Saint Brieuc - Armor                                France                                         B D E, 353.5              EME               East Midlands                                             England                                      E, 354.0              MTZ               Metz                                                              France                                         B C D, 355.0              ONW             Antwerp                                                       Belgium                                      C E, 355.0              PIK                  Prestwick                                                     Scotland                                     A* B* C D, 356.0              AY                   St Anthony, NL                                           Canada                                       B D, 356.0              SGO               Sagunto                                                        Spain                                           D, 356.0              WBA              Wolverhampton                                       England                                      B C D E*, 357.0              LP                    Cholet                                                           France                                         B, 357.0              SKZ                 Leipzig – Schkeuditz                                Germany                                   D, 357.5              FAL                 Ancona                                                         Italy                                              C, 358.0              BRS                 Biscarrosse                                                  France                                         B D, 358.0              LT                    Le Touquet                                                  France                                         B E, 359.0              LOR                Lorient-Lann-Bihoué Airport                France                                         B D E, 359.0              RWY               Ronaldsway                                                Isle of Man                                A* B*, 359.5              CDN               Châteaudun                                                France                                         A, 360.0              ELB                 Elba                                                                Italy                                              B, 360.0              ULV                Brønnøysund                                             Norway                                      B C D E, 360.5              MAK              Mackel                                                          Belgium                                      A B C D E*, 361.0              CFN                Carickfinn                                                     Rep. of Ireland                         A* B*C D E, 361.0              NB                  Bordeaux                                                     France                                         B, 362.0              JAN                Jan Mayen                                                   Norway                                      B, 362.5              SND                Southend                                                     England                                      E*, 363.0              OEM              Kristianstad                                                 Sweden                                      C D E, 363.0              PI                    Poitiers                                                         France                                         A B D, 364.0              KNK                Connaught                                                  Rep. of Ireland                         B* D, 364.0              PU                  Pau                                                                 France                                         A B D, 365.0              KIM                Humberside                                                England                                      C, 365.0              VR                   Gran Canaria                                               Canary Islands                         D, 366.0              KM                 Kalmar                                                           Sweden                                      D, 366.0              UTH                Uthaug                                                          Norway                                      A B C, 367.0              ASM               Clermont-Ferrand                                    France                                         D, 367.5              OX                  Oxford                                                          England                                      D E*, 368.0              WTD               Waterford                                                   Rep. of Ireland                         A* B* C D, 368.5              ELU                 Luxembourg                                               Luxembourg                             D, 368.5              WHI                Whitegate                                                   England                                      A B D, 369.0              GL                   Nantes                                                          France                                         A B D E, 369.0              RCH                Rochester                                                    England                                      E, 370.0              CUL                Culdrose                                                       England                                      A B D, 370.0              GAC               Gacko (Гацко)                                            Serbia                                          C, 370.5              LB                    Ängelholm                                                   Sweden                                      D, 371.0              BRS                 Bremsnes                                                    Norway                                      B C D, 371.0              MYN              Münster – Osnabrück                             Germany                                   D, 371.0              STR                 Sintra                                                             Portugal                                     A, 372.0              ODR               Odderøya                                                    Sweden                                      A B C D, 372.0              OZN               Prins Christian Sund                                 Greenland                                 A B C D, 373.0              KEM               Kemi                                                              Finland                                        C, 373.0              MP                 Cherbourg – Maupertus Airport         France                                         D, 373.0              NW                 Maastricht                                                   Netherlands                             B, 374.0              BGC                Bergerac                                                       France                                         A B D, 374.0              BL                    Bringeland (Førde Airport)                    Norway                                      B, 374.0              FLV                                                                                          Norway                                      B, 374.5              ANC               Ancona                                                         Italy                                              B C, 375.0              CHO               Chociwel                                                      Poland                                        D, 375.0              OO                  Oostende                                                    Belgium                                      E, 375.0              TR                   Tor Oilfield                                                   Norway                                      B, 375.0              VM                 Vestmannaeyjar                                       Iceland                                        A B D, 376.0              HAN               Hahn                                                              Germany                                   B D E*, 376.0              HIE                  El Hierro                                                       Canary Islands                         D, 376.0              ORI                 Bergamo - Orio                                          Italy                                              D, 378.0              HO                  Hopedale (NL)                                            Canada                                       B, 378.0              KLY                 Killinay                                                           Rep. of Ireland                         A* B* C D, 378.0              WSN              Weser                                                           Germany                                   B D E, 379.0              REK                 Reksten                                                        Norway                                      B, 380.0              CBL                 Campbelltown                                           Scotland                                     A* B* D, 380.0              FIL                   Horta                                                             Azores                                        A B D, 380.0              LF                    Ronneby                                                      Sweden                                      D, 380.0              RQ                  Quimper - Pluguffan                                France                                         B D, 380.0              VNV               Villanueva                                                    Spain                                           B D, 380.0              WFD               Woodford                                                    England                                      A B, 382.0              ALG                Alghero                                                         Sardinia                                      A, 382.0              FW                  Frankfurt a.M. (‘am Main’)                    Germany                                   D, 382.0              GAZ                Gazoldo                                                        Italy                                              D, 382.0              LAR                 Arruda dos Vinhos                                    Portugal                                     B D E, 382.0              SBG                Salzburg                                                        Austria                                        B C D E, 383.0              ALD                Alderney                                                      Channel Isles                            B, 383.0              ERK                 Erken                                                             Sweden                                      D, 384.0              ADX                Palma                                                            Majorca                                      B D, 384.0              AT                   Annecy-Meythet Airport                       France                                         E, 384.0              PMR               Pamiers les Pujols Airport                      France                                         B D, 384.0              SLG                 Sligo                                                               Rep. of Ireland                         A* B* D, 384.0              TL                    Aarhus                                                          Denmark                                    D, 385.0              NWT              Leczyca                                                         Poland                                        B D, 385.0              OAN               Orléans-Bricy                                              France                                         D, 385.0              WL                  Walney Island                                            England                                      A* B* D, 386.0              BZ                   Brize Norton                                               England                                      D E, 386.0              O                     Kardla                                                            Estonia                                        B, 387.0              AV                  Asturias                                                        Spain                                           A E, 387.0              BGP                Brest Bretagne                                           France                                         A E, 387.0              CML               Clonmell                                                       Rep. of Ireland                         A* B* D E, 387.0              ING                St-Inglevert                                                 France                                         C E, 388.0              BR                   Lyon – Bron Airport                                  France                                         D, 388.0              COR                Corner                                                           Sweden                                      A B E, 388.5              CDF                Cardiff                                                           Wales                                          A B D E, 389.0              BX                   La Palma                                                       Canaries                                     B D, 389.0              MR                 Skien                                                              Norway                                      A, 389.0              PX                   Périgueux Basilic                                       France                                         B D E, 389.0              ZRZ                 Zaragoza                                                       Spain                                           D, 390.0              DR                   Dinard                                                           France                                         A B E, 390.0              JT                    Stephenville                                               Canada (NFLD)                        B, 390.5              ITR                  Istres                                                             France                                         B, 391.0              BV                   Beauvais                                                       France                                         D E, 391.0              DDP                Dorado                                                          Puerto Rico                               D, 391.0              OKR                Bratislava                                                     Slovakia                                      D, 392.0              AS                   Angers                                                           France                                         B D E, 392.0              KF                   Keflavik                                                         Iceland                                        D, 392.0              RW                 Berlin - Tegel                                              Germany                                   B D, 393.0              BD                   Bordeaux                                                     France                                         B E, 393.0              EMW             East Midlands                                             England                                      B, 393.0              TAT                 Molde                                                           Norway                                      A B C D E, 394.0              DND               Dundee                                                        Scotland                                     A* B*C D E, 394.0              NV                  Nevers                                                          France                                         A D E, 395.0              B                      Bilbao                                                            Spain                                           D, 395.0              FOY                Foynes                                                          Rep. of Ireland                         A* B D E, 395.0              KW                 Kirkwall                                                         Scotland                                     B E, 395.0              LAY                 Islay                                                                Scotland                                     B D, 395.0              OB                  Marseille – Provence                              France                                         D, 396.0              JC                    Rigolet                                                           Canada (NFLD)                        B, 396.0              YG                   Rygge                                                            Norway                                      B D E, 397.0              EHN                Eindhoven                                                   Germany                                   A B E, 397.0              FV                   Fuerteventura                                           Canaries                                     B, 397.0              LM                  Borlange                                                       Sweden                                      B, 397.0              LZD                 Lydd / Lydd                                                 England                                      E, 397.0              NF                   Falköping                                                     Sweden                                      A, 397.0              OP                  Dublin                                                            Rep. of Ireland                        A* B* D, 397.0              PO                  Pau - Pyrenees                                          France                                         D, 398.0              LPD                 Montluçon – Guéret Airport                France                                         D, 398.0              LRN                Lorquin                                                         France                                         E, 398.0              MT                  St-Nazaire / Montoir                               France                                         A B D E, 398.0              OK                  Connaught                                                  Rep. of Ireland                         B D, 398.0              PEO                Paola                                                              Sweden                                      D E, 399.5              ONO              Oostende                                                    Belgium                                      B C D E, 400.0              AG                  Agen                                                              France                                         B D E, 400.0              EN                   Örebro                                                          Sweden                                      A B D, 400.5              COD               Codogno                                                      Italy                                              B D E, 401.0              BBA                Benbecula                                                   Scotland                                     A* B, 401.0              COA               La Coruña                                                    Spain                                           A, 401.0              LA                   Laval Entrammes Airport                       France                                         B D E, 402.0              FNR                Finner Camp                                               Rep. of Ireland                         A*, 402.0              OP                  Bruxelles / National                                 Belgium                                      E, 402.5              LBA                 Leeds                                                             England                                      A* B* C E, 404.0              AGO               Angoulême                                                 France                                         A B D, 404.0              LW                  Luxembourg                                               Luxembourg                             D E, 403.0              LPS                 Les Eplatures Airport                               Switzerland                               B, 404.0              AGO               Angoulême / Champniers                     France                                         B E, 404.0              LRD                 Lérida                                                            Spain                                           B D E, 404.0              MRV              Merville                                                        France                                         A B C D E, 404.0              OBN               N.Connell                                                     Scotland                                     B, 404.0              VNG               Vangsnes                                                     Norway                                      A B C E, 404.0              Y                      Kemi-Tornio                                                Finland                                        B C, 405.0              AV                  Göteborg                                                     Sweden                                      B, 406.0              BHX                Birmingham                                                England                                      B E, 406.0              MJ                  Marseille - Provence                               France                                         D, 406.0              TW                  Toulouse                                                      France                                         A B, 406.5              BOT                Bottrop                                                         Germany                                   B D E, 408.0              BRK                Bruck                                                             Austria                                        A D E, 409.0              SG                   Såtenäs                                                         Sweden                                      A B D E, 410.0              C                      La Coruña                                                    Spain                                           A B C E, 410.0              ETN                Étain Rouvres                                             France                                         B D E, 412.0              GRA               Granada                                                       Spain                                           D, 412.0              SE                    Strasbourg - Entzheim                            France                                         D, 412.0              SIG                 Sigonella                                                       Sicily                                             B, 413.5              DLS                 Berlin                                                             Germany                                   A B C D E, 414.0              BRI                  Bristol                                                            England                                      B D E, 414.0              HD                  Stokka                                                           Norway                                      B D E, 415.0              OL                   Linköping                                                     Sweden                                      B D, 415.0              TOE                Toulouse                                                      France                                         B D, 417.0              AH                  Ängelholm                                                   Sweden                                      B D E, 417.0              AX                   Auxerre Branches                                     France                                         A B E, 417.0              CVT                Madrid Cuatro Vientos                           Spain                                           E, 417.0              SNO               Santiago                                                       Spain                                           B D E, 418.0              MK                 Calais                                                             France                                         A B C D E*, 419.0              EMT               Épinal                                                             France                                         A* B E, 419.0              RD                   Västerås Airport                                        Sweden                                      D E, 420.0              GS                   Pula                                                                Croatia                                        D, 420.0              HB                   Belfast City                                                  N. Ireland                                  A* B* D E, 421.0              BUR                Burnham                                                      England                                      B E*, 421.0              GE                   Madrid                                                          Spain                                           B D E, 421.0              MF                  Halmstad                                                      Sweden                                      A B D E, 422.0              PAM              Pamplona                                                    Spain                                           D, 423.0              BJA                 Béjaïa                                                            Algeria                                        D, 423.0              CWL               Cranwell                                                       England                                      E, 423.0              FE                    Odense                                                         Denmark                                    A B, 423.0              TS                    Toulouse                                                      France                                         D, 424.0              LOE                 Limoges - Bellegarde                               France                                         D, 424.0              PHG               Phalsbourg                                                  France                                         A B D E, 425.0              ERT                 Erfurt                                                             Germany                                   D, 425.0              EVR                Évora                                                             Portugal                                     B, 426.0              GBG               Gleichenberg                                             Germany                                   A B D E*, 426.0              SH                   Shobdon                                                      England                                      D, 426.5              MIQ               Mike                                                              Germany                                   C, 427.0              RY                   Royan                                                            France                                         A B D E, 428.0              BST                 Lanvéoc                                                        France                                         A B, 428.0              CTX                 Châteauroux                                              France                                         D E, 430.0              SN                   St. Yan                                                           France                                         B D, 431.0              SAY                 Stornoway                                                   Scotland                                     A B, 432.0              PK                   Pardubice                                                    Czech Republic                        D, 432.0              PRD                Peyrehorade                                              France                                         B D, 433.0              CRE                 Cres                                                                Croatia                                        E, 433.0              VNS                Castor Platform                                         Off Shore Spain                       B D, 433.0              VON               Vigo                                                                Spain                                           A B D E, 433.5              HEN                Henton                                                         England                                      D E, 434.0              MV                 Melun                                                           France                                         B C D E, 436.0              S                      Darlowo (Darłowo)                                  Poland                                        E, 444.0              NRD               Inowrocław                                                 Poland                                        B C E*, 468.0              FTZ                 Fritzlar                                                           Germany                                   B C D E, 470.0              UZ                   Užice                                                              Serbia                                          D, 474.5              SA                   Darlowo (Darłowo)                                  Poland                                        E, 478.0              MF                  Larionovo (Ларионово)                         Russia                                          D, 488.0              ILM                 Illesheim                                                      Germany                                   D, 488.0              NPR                Porter-Tomaszow-Mazowiecki            Poland                                        B C D, 492.0              TBV                Třebová                                                        Czech Rep                                  B, 514.0              GO                  Amari                                                             Estonia                                        A B, An Updated List of Radio Resources from Across the World, Get on the Air for Christmas Campaign (#GOTA4C), A look at IC-705 accessories, two antennas from Moonraker.
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