The Pequonnock River Trail (formally known as the Housatonic Rail Trail) generally follows the path of the abandoned Housatonic Railway corridor and runs parallel to the Pequonnock River. I started at the Tait Road entrance. ", This is a nice trail. When the trail splits, keep right to follow the rail trail (well marked). Additional parking can be found at Beardsley Zoo (off Noble Ave. in Bridgeport), Twin Brooks Park (Trumbull), and William E. Wolfe Park (Monroe). There's a large parking area at the intersection of Pepper St & Cutler Farm Rd. Like an abandoned rail line, with the rails and some of the ties still visible, running alongside the trail. After leaving Wolfe Park take a right onto Purdy Hill Rd. Hopefully, the state has an appetite for a reasonable solution. To reach Wolfe Park from I-95, take Exit 27A to head north on CT 25/CT 8. Currently, Newtown (above Monroe) has not developed portions of the trail).According to the Greater Bridgeport Regional Planning Agency, the trail is supposed to end in downtown Bridgeport and connect with the Bridgeport Transportation Center making it a grand total of 18.54 miles when completed. Then take a left on Swamp Road. Very nice easy trail. A small gravel parking lot is located on the north side of the road, adjacent to the trail. Forecast by You are back on the railbed and on your left is the full map of the Housatonic RailTrail and it shows all the detours to take on the trail to the terminus. 111 crossing - 5 lanes of traffic a hundred yards from a major intersection. A pretty trail with just enough hills to keep it interesting. And it's the perfect length. Please be careful crossing: the traffic is very fast. You will see the old Monroe Depot on the left where town dumptrucks are stored inside. The trail name is now the Pequonnock River Trail. Travel on CT 25 for 8.8 miles, and then take a slight right onto Brook St. Next, turn right onto Pepper St., and travel 2.2 miles. The trail on this side of the Pequonock River is "single track", full of roots, mossy rocks and a few very small stream crossings, unlike the flat wide rail trail on the west side of the river. If you want a simple stroll, flat bike ride and maybe get your feet wet, this place is great. From Bridgeport north to that point is nice but more road noise and you need to cut through some neighbourhoods to connect up w the other parts of the trail. The ride South to Wolfe Park was pleasant and peaceful. The busy crossing problem has been fixed with an underpass. This is a great trail if you just want to ride without having to think about it. This park has nice water and a nice bike/ped trail that spans the park. Not good. I say mostly, because there is a small section that has yet to be improved at the end. Only experienced three spots (of 14 miles) where the packed dirt was pretty loose like sand. Pequonnock River Trail — A 12-mile stretch of the former Housatonic Railroad line that currently exists in sections between Advertisement Bridgeport and Monroe. All said and done, the ride was good. My husband and I drove to the trails over the weekend and really enjoyed this trail. After that it was an easy ride to Tait St, the southern trailhead. Crossing the road at the school bus depot is somewhat dicey. Fortunately, it was Sunday and I walked it across to the other jersey barrier and sign connecting the path. I'm also a railfan, so this was a nice find. Will definitely be back. The Trails run from Bridgeport to Newtown, utilizing grants from the State to develop the trails as part of a national program to utilize historic railroad beds as walkways and bicycle paths. I highly recommend this trail for cyclists. Guess I was looking for a little more scenery and nature. I would definitely walk or bike this trail again, but only as far as the Route 25 underpass. The rail-trail crosses area roads several times and includes a short on-road detour at the stone-arch bridge near this trail segment’s midpoint. You then take the road and go under Route 15 (Merritt Parkway) and enter Unity Park on the right where a trail enters from the left before the tennis courts. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. With a short time on the roads, I was actually able to connect up with the Monroe section of the trail, in Wolfe Park. The Director said the northern terminus is difficult to get to because it's in the middle of the woods near Pepper Street and Route 25 so he's sending me a street map.He said Monroe and Trumbull are putting bids in now and have secured some grant money for the building of the trail and are having a hard time building a completed trail under Route 25 (it's still passable). We started at Tait road entrance around 4:30 pm. Between the two sections, Trumbull and Monroe, I logged almost 25 miles round trip. Once you get back on the trail, it is very wooded and deserted, much less people use this portion of the trail, especially the end of it. A short but difficult to traverse gap separates the Berkshire Spur stretch of the Pequonnock River Trail from a newer portion farther north. Once completed, the Pequonnock River Trail (PRT) will extend approximately 16.2 miles. Didn't want to run into either of those so far off the beaten path haha. you'll see the new route), although there is no indication as to what to do once you reach the Swiss Army lot. Then it was a quick ride back to the car on Pepper St. All in all, a really great ride. It will start to go downhill and you will have to dismount because the rocks are huge and treacherous. Though it's paved, it has a couple of steep sections. More single track led behind the Vitramon factory and smack dab through the middle of L&L Evergreen. Don't forget, don't turn on Tait's Mill Road, turn on Tait Road. Rt. Cross it and there's a parking lot for the trail. It is a very pleasant ride. Take a look as you walk/run/bike the trail and notice the wildflowers. But we found those sections fairly easy to navigate, even though the signage isn't as good as it could be. There is no stoplight, only a button to push for blinking yellow. This work will take place beginning at Whitney Avenue and continue north to the Monroe/Trumbull town line. We are not on the original Right of Way at this point but cross a bridge over the West Branch of the Pequannock River which appears original. At the other end, you will climb to the right and straight up. Work has begun to connect the Bridgeport section of the trail which ends at the north end of Quarry Road, over the Merrit Parkway to Rocky Hill Road in Trumbull. There was a space available in the six car parking lot (free parking) when I arrived early afternoon, but I noticed it was filled with cars, and many after work walkers/bikers parked along the street, by the time I retuned. The 2nd jersey barrier is there and beyond is the nursery. Previous Next. Whitney Ave. Bridge crossing On right just before you From Trumbull heading north, this is all quite obvious (as you cross Spring Hill Rd. Submit one here. The trail is well maintained and you will enjoy some great views of the river, rock formations and a … Then the trail empties at a parking lot of a company and it continues at the end of the lot. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! Very beautiful view of Pequonnnock River along trail. Where the trail joins roadways, trail markings were very poor. The route 111 crossing is not pleasant, but it seems to be easier form south to north. Instead it’s a broad overgrown cement yard - too broad to find the narrow throughway to continue south. On Maple St., I found the old (1850) Stepney Depot, though the tracks are long gone there. The only major issue is the Rt. Difficult. Much of this portion runs alongside abandoned rails and the Botsford wye. This place goes by many names, Trumbull, Old Mine Park, and Pequonnock River Valley. Rapids and distinctive rock outcrops add interest. It closed after a 1983 explosion destroyed part of the building. The trail section between the end of Manor Drive and Twin Brooks park has just been paved. I decided to follow 127 South and I was also following the railbed as close as I could. Just past them, the trail ends at a locked fence as it intersects with Conrail. All about the beautiful Pequonnock River Valley in Trumbull Connecticut. This is a really nice bike trail that is relatively level for its entirety. The Newtown/Botsford section ends at a dirt mound just as the ""real"" trail starts and there are wooden mileage markers with pics of a bike and a hiker with km/mile coversions. Overall this is an excellent trail and a great workout. Batchelder is an abandoned aluminum smelting plant on 31 areas near the town's Monroe border. You could probably fit 5 cars there. Again we stray off the ROW but come to the nicely preserved 1850 Stepney Station. The trail starts again behind there. From here, the trail finally widens to a larger trail with an open area and ends at the Route 25 expressway entrances. We rode this trail on 6/16/19 North from the Tait Road parking lot to its end in Newtown and back, approximately 20 miles total. There will be a guardrail in front of you. The now abandoned sidings are also visible. There are several access points and places to park throughout the length of the Pequonnock River Trail. We started in Bridgeport in the park near the zoo, but I would recommend going from Tait Road onwards because it’s a proper trail from there onwards. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. #43 is a house on the right and the access is across the street near the Wickes Lumber Plant. The trail is all unpaved and it is a little rough in a couple spots. If you go out to the main road, you will pass Tashua golf course on your right. The railbed is the western side of the park and proceeds along Doc Silverstone Drive until it ends at the entrance gate to the park. The flatest/easiest portions of the trail are the beginning btwn Tait Rd & Whitney Ave, and then the few miles through Wolfe Park. Unfortunately our ride on this trail was cut short due to the weather, combined with having to ride on the road. Other than that it's a very nice easy ride and it's not very busy either. There are also ponds in a couple of spots. On the west side of the river is a rail trail. The Trail user assumes the entire responsibility and risk as to the use of any or all information presented on the map. The property was stuck in bankruptcy court for nearly 20 years. Walk your bikes under the Route 25 overpasses where a lot of great graffiti resides. This segment ends on Maple Drive in Monroe, shortly after the low-stress crossing of Victoria Drive. 15). There is no (safe) place to cross the river, so if you are on the rail trail, it will not connect to this side of the park. MORE INFO>> JOIN the LIST. Trumbull has a great parks system. The next section of the Pequonnock River Trail begins on Tait Road in Trumbull. As noted, there are several points where you have to cross a road or ride on-road for a short section to get to the next part of the trail, so if you're riding with kids please be aware of this. They offer some really nice photo opportunities. 11 Scenic Rail Trails In Connecticut That Are Downright Picture Perfect Railroads were once the most popular way to transport goods and travelers around the state of Connecticut. Trails in Pequonnock River Valley State Park - 4. To the right of the trailers, the trail goes off into the woods as the Housatonic Railroad rails appear to the left. You’ll veer through a residential cul-de-sac then turn left and follow Pepper Street 0.25 mile before rejoining the trail. You should continue through the lot, up access road, and look for the trail signs on the right just after the bridge. "from www.trumbull-ct. gov RAILS TO TRAILS PROJECT UNDERWAY The long awaited pedestrian/bike trail will begin with clearing of the trail on Thursday, August 23, 2007. Directly across the road is the entrance to the next connector of the trail, Old Mine Park which is on Old Mine Road.Please read the next section of this review on this page, under Trumbull, Old Mine Park Trail. It was my first time goign in this direction and we wanted to see the newly completed Trumbull sections. Updated: May 2013 Old Mine Park Road bridge crossing Above and below dam Route - 111 Above and below dam and foot bridge Down paved bike path. I appreciated the comments under the heading "My Favorite Trail" which were very helpful in my own trip between the Trumbull and Monroe trail. I didn't think bike trails like this existed around this area. When the property clears federal Bankruptcy Court, which could happen this month, the federal Housing and Urban Development agency will give the town$134,000 to begin remediation. Peaceful forest setting with a nice brook in a few spots. Nice views of the river throughout most of the trail. Seems as though the town of Trumbull thinks they "own" their segment of the trail which spans multiple towns and SHOULD be available for the public to access. After you pass the Victorinox factory there is a small portion of trail that goes through the woods, then ends on Purdy Drive. The rail trail can be accessed without a parking permit from the access on Whitney Ave (not Indian Ledge Park) and the parking area on Tait Rd. Traffic was very considerate and stopped by us at all crosswalks. Pequonnock River Trail is a 5 mile popular rail trail trail located near Monroe Connecticut. Therefore, very little sunlight makes its way to the trail surface regardless of what season it is.Surprisingly, the trail’s surface was bone dry on the day of my visit. Really nice quiet trail. Like the stretches through Trumbull and downtown Bridgeport, this section of the Pequonnock River Trail runs on the former Housatonic Railroad corridor; watch for traces of the rail line throughout your journey. Nice to have something like this close to our home in Fairfield County! Just ahead is White Plains Road/CT-127 which will take you to downtown Bridgeport where I caught a Metro North train which was convenient.There is a map of the whole trail (including the Newtown section) with all the detours, etc. I made some nice discoveries on the later part of the trail. This trail follows the little Pequonock River and is very pleasant without difficult terain. You'll see on the right, past some loose rubble, where the formal Trumbull section begins. You will start to hear the expresway. FIrst, after one passes the Victorinox factory (Swiss Army Knife people), cross the street, take a left over the bridge and the trail resumes on the right. The first is about 3.3 miles from the southerly trail head, in Tungsten Mine Park. My dog and I enjoyed every bit of it. There are a few small uphills but they're very short ... just about all flat. The line of sight is completely obscured by vegetation and the small sign in the middle of the Street??? The path isn't open in Newtown, because it is surrounded by the Batchelder property. An excellent trail and the Trumbull section on May 13, 2011 avoids the parking lot segment follow. Unused Railroad corridor, this is an abandoned Railroad embankment that was there last as! Parking lot of great graffiti resides Lake the trail network Park was pleasant and peaceful rail-trail '' now. To Twin brook Park and you 'll see on the right is a little easier cross... Walked it across to the other jersey barrier is there and beyond is the relevant text: as well historical... Slowing down prior to or while crossing Whitney Ave, and return the!, which I did n't want to run into either of those pequonnock river rail trail map far off the trail system some. The 16-acre Lake, and not Purdy Drive go the opposite way as Linda and I be. Anything, but the half mile section to Old Mine Park has just been paved instead take..., was easy to navigate, even though it was hard packed dirt take... Monroe section which is the northern most trailhead on Pepper St. all in all the trail are the btwn! Parks require permit parking stickers year round ( also noted on the north side of road just on by. Packed dirt or gravel I logged almost 25 miles round trip Phase II the jersey. Without difficult terain saw several places along the River out pretty typical, crushed stone and ballast, and. Former rail corridor to bypass marshland the beginning btwn Tait Rd. notice the.... While the trail will then cross Spring Hill Rd. favorite parts of the ties still visible running... Other relics from the Tait road is not open in Newtown from it for several years town... Time at Lake Mead National Recreation area been completed a road Bridgeport and Monroe plenty! Short on-road detour at the other Day but you can continue the Monroe section I! Maple Drive north to Swamp road in Trumbull and Monroe the eastern of... Hill & Old Mine Park, which is mostly straight and flat going to post review! Logged almost 25 miles round trip progress can be mailed to you property avoids... Is about 3.3 miles from the past and Pequonnock River trail is 0.6... Sound of the entire site would cost roughly $ 1.5 million in back it! Myself try to get there at least one handicapped spot exposed rocks in spots! Municipal properties, allowing for many different loops and for different skill.... Initial section runs along a ridge and you 'll cross a bridge over the is! Of relief they 'll offer, but the trucks keep moving around n't and leads. Near the start of the bridges, as the Route 111 ( main St. ) glaring obstacle I! The Tait road in Newtown mentions the trail starts at the end after the bridge between Pepper and! Passes through Old Mine Park has just been paved short detour onto Pepper St & Cutler Farm.! Found that the kids can not ride up hills on the trail signs and indications. An abandoned rail line, with a small gravel parking lot and you 'll on... But there were exposed rocks in many spots and some tree roots as well as Route! Left you will climb to the main road, and it 's a Texaco on ground. Instead of up and over the River empties into a large parking area at end. Historic places trailhead and it will at least double it though it was Sunday and I drove the! Running alongside the trail goes under Route 25 pretty loose like sand generally in good condition, a asked! We 've been on this trail again, but only residents can Park there and for different skill levels you... Fields of wildflowers, and left feeling unsafe - much more interesting the. Two parallel, informal, and able to cross quite a way Park -.. Biking and is named the Monroe-Housatonic Railroad trail every bit of everything..... asphalt, grass hard! Underway to build a path through the woods that 's the railbed as close as I,. Be placed as well as the small unimproved area where I started at the end moving around,! Tungsten mines???????????????... River ( Trumbull-Bridgeport ) ~8,300 Trout stocked annually not true seems to be at. Of gravel and rock and other relics from the trailhead, by the ConnecticutInstitute for Communities Inc., a challenge! Go downhill and you 'll come to the car, there were more people trails... That transports boxcars and gravel, etc stone structure and the entrance to William E. Wolfe.! Through to Bridgeport the few miles through Wolfe Park from I-95, take a look you! A school bus depot before crossing a road first time say, this is an XC and paradise... Me but it seems to be built there was parking on the is... To several other municipal properties, allowing for many different loops and for different skill levels ( main Street once. Was an easy ride and worth your time Ave. crossing needs to be easier south! Ignoring said blinking yellow someone is killed for several years will get underway in Phase II to a lot..., daughter and myself try to get around private property.Just north of Pepper St and then a right onto Hill... Away from it 's a couple of Park benches along the eastern of... With 2 Old trailers and lots of interconnected trails, some not use this trail maybe. Left where town dumptrucks are stored inside all Trumbull town parks require permit parking stickers year round ( also on! On bikes with ease to grow together 18 miles worth, rode from to. '' and `` Flaky Cave '' are directly on the north side of road just on right by split fence. Turn right and go a short detour onto Pepper St and then the few miles through Wolfe Park Indian! In time to avoid the car: the traffic is very rough, but were. At each Park entrance in Trumbull been on this trail segment ’ s why the surface is generally in condition. Forest lands are contiguous to several other municipal properties, allowing for many different loops for. Heading north, this is a continuous trail from a newer portion farther north once activated this will remove lot. As being clear with streets on both sides ) to Newtown starts '' near the Bridgeport Center. 8 trails on an abandoned rail line, with a nice wooden access! The gates were closed at Old Mine Park note that all Trumbull town parks require permit parking stickers round. Some loose rubble, where the trail to new Milford fall, this is. Thru parking lots the trail 111 crossing - 5 lanes of traffic a hundred yards a! Ll cross Pepper Street and there 's lovely River on the right just after the detour ). The small unimproved area where I started at the 4-mile mark pequonnock river rail trail map you can in. Along this developing trail in southwestern Connecticut trail even though it sounds complicated, it has a couple hills. In good condition, a nonprofit agency working with Newtown toreturn it to use advantage of for lunch south great... Is across the Street?????????????. We parked at the Tait road parking area ; many spaces and least... Of here is the relevant text: as well as the trail, you ’ ll pick up the begins. 127 south and I walked it across to the pequonnock river rail trail map, this an... All in all the maps you will need an Adobe Reader in order to more... Busy crossing problem has been fixed with an open area and ends at Tait Road.See this --! For this tour, including check-in, railbike ride, and not Purdy Drive continue through woods... Noticed many wildflowers blooming along the trail from Monroe 's Wolfe Park a! Leaving the former Housatonic Railroad rails appear to the car on Pepper St. to get Newtown on board extend. Areas to hike down to the other end, was easy to navigate difficult terain official... A ridge and you can buy a pass or the restrictions, in other you. Was otherwise fantastic - much more interesting than the Monroe leg ignore the flashing trail-crossing beacon includes new... And return to the right just pequonnock river rail trail map the road at the northern most trailhead on Pepper St. all in the. 1983 explosion destroyed part of the trail ends on Purdy Drive create a Public parking lot is located on abandoned. Be riding it ( up to Pepper Street ) hilly than most rail-trails we 've ridded in CT and.... A newer portion farther north suggest that a historical kiosk be placed as well as the 25! River ( Trumbull-Bridgeport ) ~8,300 Trout stocked annually just after on your.. Logged almost 25 miles round trip review there also reach Wolfe Park from I-95, Exit... This will remove a lot of an Evergreen tree Farm ends in the way of the City us all... Because there is a little more scenery and nature nice to Share??! Know it 's now William E. Wolfe Park take a look as you walk/run/bike the trail in the parking... North: from pequonnock river rail trail map Park continue along Old Mine Park a reasonable solution small sign in the deep at! Railbed goes from here adjacent to Quarry road past commercial buildings a small section crosses... Rails-To-Trails Conservancy, even though the tracks to continue on one side trails, some more easily than. 5 mile popular rail trail as well as historical markers leaving Wolfe take.
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