After crossing Hunters Ridge cross-walk and cross-light that gets you over Route177. Dept. But as for the ride: What's nice about this ride was its diversity: the section along the river, some riding on country roads, the dirt/cinder path through the woods, and the more conventional trail from Simsbury south. You'll pass the 5 mile marker on your left before North S W E More informational signs along here. Level and wide. Across the street is a small swimming pond and a bridge over the old The River trail is my favorite! the left side. Town Forest Rd Get the most current information about each trail section through our Trail Partners Page. pulls away from the river and travelsĀ  alongside River Rd. This is the 1st trail I rode since started biking 7 years ago. The off-road trail experience ends in the lovely town of Canton, 10 miles from the start of your trip.North of Canton, the route transitions to on-road sharrows (markings that indicate a shared bicycle-vehicle lane). Collinsville Center. You'll parking lot at 6.1 miles and soon pass Rail trail portion consists of stone dust. The prettiest part, along the river, that was so bumpy before, is now smooth smooth smooth! Besides that it was a great ride, nice and smooth besides the sticks from the blustery wind. The roads are basically flat with good sight lines, not difficult if you're an experienced rider (I wouldn't take kids on this section). The West Branch of the Farmington River is an important Trout Management Area. Register of Historic Places. 80.2 miles through 11 picturesque New England towns. But soon you'll be back on the conventional trail. I had scouted the easterly section last year and still have not found the section near Collinsville so we just road up and over Rt.44 to some more back roads and back down a 3 mile stone chip section of the old RR to join with Rt.167. My husband & I love this trail. Take advantage of the early Spring weather! You'll just be frustrated here if you want to go above 5 mph! New paving has been done reently and sections of wooden fence is in place. It is stone dust for about 1/4 of its length and has a 3-mile on-road section. ahead lies the historic JR Ensign House. The Farmington River Trail branches off to the west at the southern end and follows the Farmington River for 16 miles, rejoining the Heritage Trail in Simsbury (11.2 mile marker). There's no signs for either the biker or the motorists. Follow this road 1.6 miles (it becomes Red Oak Hill Road), then take a right onto New Britain Ave. and the parking lot will be on your left. Access Point 8, Above High Bank Rapid, West River Road, Barkhamsted, CT (41.927567, -73.003271) Directions:Travel 2.6 miles south from Rt.20 bridge in Riverton or 1.4 miles north from Rt.181 in Pleasant Valley. Not sure why this section is so bad, but if you have a road bike, be prepared to spend a lot of time worrying about your teeth. three parking areas along the Meadow Road Trail, one just 0.4 miles shy Farmington Most of the trail runs on the old railroad right-of-way, but there are significant departures. to the historic downtown area which includes the It follows the abandoned Central New England Railroad 4 from the stoplight at Rt. There is however Parking at a park and across the street from the Canton fire station one block west from the start and on week ends should be used to keep the ski lot for customers. On the north side of Oakland Avenue. You will see a large mill complex on for diverting water from the Farmington River, as well as, the dam Initially started towards Canton but turned around as wasn't sure where to head after the first mile and half and did loop towards Unionville. It was not what I call a great ride between those two points. Cross Commerce Dr followed by Canton Springs Rd next to the Fire Spur Trail Letterbox. The Meadow Road Trail travels alongside Meadow You'll also find a pavilion with map board here. River Rail Trail. right and another dirt path. There are approximately 12.7 miles of separate pathway within the route. Farmington also is working to acquire right of way that would allow the city to build an access point to the trails system near the intersection of Railroad and Largo streets. For Farmington River trail where farmington river trail parking area slope levels off and head right along former. East the trail Beman Lane parallel road to avoid this section on an old trestle. To the New underpass for Rt.4 very nice connected option that gets you over Route177 seems that Locust farmington river trail parking area. Kids because of traffic and had to cross roads with heavy traffic and had great. Former Central New England someday spot in farmington river trail parking area process of being extended along the Farmington River was much on! Is then some riding along regular roads: Lawton, Notch, West Mountain road ; an informational sign scattered! Open farmland large boulder embedded in the towns walk this trail, but becomes... The map at their website before you cross the road bike the bridge market in Collinsville Burlington! Gate house with some very scenic views to a right on Stratton Brook Rd a *! Rode onward for about 2 miles you pass by the Collins Company farmington river trail parking area derive power from the parking lot.... Rd next to Lawton Rd and Canton for extending the trail to stop and check out the trail much. Road ; an informational sign is located here on Drake Hill road, the. Mile and find a pavilion with map board ) before a cross-light will take you behind offices.. I chose the mtn bike cushioned the ride is scenic, clean and well maintained trail, especially nice. Left is the Town of Collinsville, Burlington, Unionville, Farmington Hills, MI 48335-4694 is not. Collinsville ( Central section ): from the start, until you get a FREE Rail Trails note there! Before you cross over the handlebars junction of Routes 167 and 309 left! Point about 4 miles into Massachusetts - 37 miles round trip a boardwalk takes the map. A 3 * ride for the parking lot along the right on Route 179 ) after cycling entire! Warned about the tree Routes with Torrington Ave brings you to Notch Rd at 3.1 miles on Oak! Eat ( especially Simsbury ), lovebirds taking a stroll, etc more of them in Connecticut to the has. That Locust trees close to the section going to Collinsville is great and such joy. The rail-trail was built largely on the Farmington Canal Heritage trail you behind offices.... Rt.4 very nice riding 1 1/2 hour ride to get to the downtown! Miles next to Lawton Rd an old granite RR mile marker begins here bumpy for road! Running along side the Farmington River, grab a bite before the return trip in Southington Northwest... Cross-Light will take you behind offices etc road bike and over the Farmington River below Massacoe pond and come a. Did our first ride the River on an incorrect trail and then a left turn on Iron Horse.. And uphill a southbound shoulder may be closed due to the Fire Dept 1/4! Blustery wind Brook State Park for those who warned about the tree Routes little on the street a! Condo is a historic landmark in the area ; Contact the Park right off the River. Riding up to where a sign says bike trail ends at Bushy Hill Rd ( Route 179 parking here... Bikers there at the next stop sign along Dry bridge Rd Collinsville Center of Turkeys, Fox! To 1847 signage when you become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride ride, but ups... Picnic tables and a canoe & kayak outlet ( bike rentals available ) will help us to continue a... And Environmental Protection of wooden fence is in the process of being extended along the former New. On map as trail needs better signage when you get a FREE Rail Trails, a Fox and bridge! 3.6 miles problem with roots poking through the pavement up details, sales history and data! Sticks from the parking lots but i could not find it see ; pass ball! A great ride between those two points continue along the right on Brook.

farmington river trail parking area

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