The transition between primary and secondary school can be both an exciting and daunting time for children and their families. school and meet new friends. DOWNLOAD THE LEAFLET 1. For any journey you need to do lots of preparation - planning how you’ll get there, what to wear and what to take. “The transition from Primary to Post-Primary has been recognised as a crucial stage in young people’s schooling career.” (Moving Up- … We’d also like to set optional analytics to help us improve it. Despite this, we want our P7 pupils across the city to feel unique and special. My moving up to secondary school booklet. The film is for schools to show their pupils as they’re transitioning from primary to secondary school. Talking to new people and being understanding. Moving On Up - Primary to Secondary 1. Discussions begin with a student's current school learning and support team and may involve identifying: is that they will be taking the tools they have learned in their time at primary with them as they go off to secondary school. Created: Sep 7, 2020. This page describes the steps for students moving from primary to secondary school. If you are 16 or under, please ask a parent or carer for consent before accepting. Movin’ On Up: Easing the Transition from Primary to Post-Primary School has been produced by parents for parents. The transition to secondary school (no rating) 0 customer reviews. For more detailed information about the cookies we use, see our Cookies page. Visits continue into the new school year, this time at secondary school, offering outreach assistance to solve issues as and when they arise and promote a smooth transition process. They were developed in collaboration with young people, teachers and mental health experts. They came up with the following: Get Organised Make a list of the things you will need for your new school, for example: o Pens, pencils, calculator. Before your child starts secondary school, map out their route. Synopsis: Chris and Sophie are in year 6 and are about to make the transition to high school. Conditions. In contrast the child with living and learning difficulties may take 2-3 terms to learn to navigate his way around the school and may require ongoing support throughout his school days to allow him to fully access the … RISE transition support Delivered in a classroom setting, these two hour workshops help build self esteem and prepare young people for the transition of moving up to secondary school. You may disable these by changing your browser settings, but this may affect how the website functions. Our support can continue until the end of Term 2 when the project ends, however schools can continue to access help through our outreach service if needed. There has been plenty of academic research into what schools and education authorities can do to help to make the transition as successful as possible. Schools in Norwich have joined forces for a project to help pupils on their transition to secondary school in September. You can also work through our printable Planning your journey to Secondary School activity sheet with your child. They were developed in collaboration with young people, teachers and mental health experts. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Expert, Sue Atkins, offers some invaluable advice on how to make the transition as smooth as possible. Sometimes it is unavoidable that a child must change schools. In order to help you transition smoothly from primary school to secondary school, we have prepared a pack of fun activities to do, which I should like you to read and complete carefully with your parent. Therefore, adjustments to the statewide year 6 to 7 timeline have been made. We hope that our book is … Tes Global Ltd is Give out the ‘moving on up’ sheet and ask pupils to complete it individually. By Louise Pennington, posted on 9th July 2020 Moving on up (to secondary school)! Simon Parkin. Practise getting … This animation and accompanying teacher toolkit is aimed at supporting pupils who have recently started Year 7 or who will be preparing to transition to secondary school later in the year (Years 6 and 7). You’ll find that secondary schools offer a variety of different after-school activities for pupils of all ages. Most children will cope with these and feel accustomed to the changes by the end of the first couple of weeks. Due to remote and flexible learning arrangements currently in place, government primary schools may be unable to distribute the 2020 parent/carer pack to every year 6 family in hard copy from the start of Term 2 2020. ‘Moving Up’ seeks to support this and ease the transition using the power of theatre and storytelling. HERE ARE SOME TOP TIPS TO HELP YOU PREPARE. This animation and accompanying teacher toolkit is aimed at supporting pupils who have recently started Year 7 or who will be preparing to transition to secondary school later in the year (Years 6 and 7). Kantor Centre of Excellence Discuss their ideas as a class, pulling out any common themes in both what they are looking forward to (e.g. Braydon on starting secondary school. I’m more interested in what parents and the children themselves can do. Created: Sep 7, 2020. This is because primary schools offer more predictability, usually with the same teacher and classroom throughout the year. Children who are new to the country may also struggle to settle in or feel that they belong in their new school environment. Moving Up. The transition to secondary school. Start using the library in your lunch breaks, as you will need to use the library in secondary school. Identify potential worries associated with starting secondary school, Know they're not alone if they are feeling worried, Talk to a trusted adult or friend if they have any concerns, Identify solutions and strategies for looking after their mental health, including, a Lesson Plan and various lesson activities, an Assembly Plan and PowerPoint slide show, a blank signposting poster for you to print and use in school.

moving up transition to secondary school

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